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Solar Panel Installation in Manchester and Stockport

We cover the following services:

  • • Solar PV (free electricity generation )
  • • Solar thermal (free hot water generation)
  • • Energy efficient gas and electric heating systems
  • • Energy efficient controls
  • • Energy efficient lighting systems
  • • Water efficiency systems
  • • Insulation

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Solar panel installation in Manchester is the future not just of clean energy but of all energy.  Although it has been many years in the making, solar panel installation in Manchester has had a turbulent past and unfortunately has left many people with an unfavourable opinion of them. Happily, there has much been done in advancing solar panel system technology. Now solar panel installation in Manchester is easy, convenient and makes a lot of financial sense too.

Why Opt for Solar Panel Systems for your home?

It is no secret that climate change and the search for renewable, clean, energy is one of the most important topics considered by governments and individuals alike. Just one reason why solar panel systems could benefit you personally is the wonderful savings you could receive on your energy bills. With authorities looking for realistic ways to expand their efforts to turn to clean, non-nuclear energy they have introduced incentives for individual home owners to generate their own electricity. The recently instituted FIT (Feed in Tariff) means that if you opt for solar panel installation in Stockport, you could not only save on the electricity you use but also get paid for the electricity you don’t use.

Solar PV Installers in Manchester

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EcoEnergy (North West) Ltd are highly experienced and qualified solar PV installers in Manchester. Our company is currently working in accord with on-going government incentives, helping home owners create their own renewable, clean and cheap energy. EcoEnergy (North West) Ltd are extremely well trained solar PV installers in Manchester and as well as providing professional solar panel installation we also specialise in a huge range of services designed to bring you into the twenty-first century. Just a few of the different things we provide are; solar thermal systems, sensible gas and electrical heating systems, energy efficient controls, affordable lighting systems, efficient water systems and intelligent insulation solutions.

Solar PV Installers in Stockport

The good news is that EcoEnergy (North West) Ltd also operates as solar PV installers in Stockport too.  If you would like to learn more about the many benefits which solar panels can offer, please feel free to give us a call. Our team will be delighted to answer any queries you may have or just guide you through the details of how the FIT (Feed in Tariff) scheme can positively affect your household bills. Our solar PV Installers in Stockport are always happy to explain how the process of installation works.

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