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EcoEnergy - Renewable Energy Assurance Scheme

Installing solar panels on the roof of your home is now extremely convenient and makes good financial sense. There is an increasing ammount of pressure being put on our government to find more renewable energy sources and in turn they are eager to encourage individuals to share this responsibility.  In order to do so authorities have created new Feed-In Tariff schemes (FITs) which substantially reward home owners who decide to opt for solar panel installation.

These are not empty promises either.  The Energy Saving Trust website goes on to explain that current FIT schemes ensure you are paid for all the electricity your solar panels produce. This includes the energy you use plus the energy you don’t. The savings you make as a result can be broken down into three brackets:

Generation Tariff: This refers to the set fee your energy supplier will pay you for every unit of electricity that your solar panels generate.  At current rates this can be as much as 21p per kWh. The same Energy Saving Trust website also comments that the average solar panel system could generate enough electricity to help sustain the needs of your home plus a contribution to the national grid, so how much can you earn from this contribution?

Export Tariff: The export tariff is the name given to the payment you receive for any electricity which is exported back into the grid.  It is suggested that this amounts to about 50% of the energy which is generated. You can effectively sell these units back to your energy providers at a current rate of 3p/kWh.

Energy Bill Savings: By generating your own electricity you will notice an immediate improvement in your monthly energy bills. Neither is this just a one off, instead it will continue for as long as the sun continues to shine.

When you compare how much money you can save to that which you will initially have to spend for the installation of solar panels, it quickly becomes apparent that this arrangement makes good financial sense. For more information on how you can personally benefit from solar panels please feel free to give us a call.

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