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EcoEnergy - It pays to go green

It is indisputable that our societies attitude to energy has to change quickly and drastically. Although much of the pressure is being put on governments and authorities to make these changes, we as individuals also need to accept responsibility for our energy requirements. One of the best ways to contribute to the combined greener environment effort is that of solar power. Due to modern developments in technology, solar panels now offer tangible benefits to the individual home owner.  Below are nine very good reasons why solar power is such an effective solution to our needs.

  • No resulting pollution. Solar energy is completely clean with no unwanted side-effects.
  • Constant supply. There is no shortage to the supply of sunshine
  • Affordable. Once installed, solar panels require no extra charge
  • Discreet. Solar panels can be used anywhere and in any sized area
  • Quiet. Solar panels are completely silent, making them ideal for home use.
  • Easy to Install. Modern systems are convenient and easy to use and install.
  • Low maintenance. Apart from installation they require almost no attention.
  • Suitable for any climate. Contrary to popular belief, solar panels just need lots of light not constant direct sunshine so they are even effective on cloudy days.
  • FITs. Feed In Tariff schemes mean that you are paid for all the electricity you produce whether you use it or not.
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