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Welcome to EcoEnergy (North West) Ltd!

We cover the following services:

  • Solar PV (free electricity generation )
  • Solar thermal (free hot water generation)
  • Energy efficient gas and electric heating systems
  • Energy efficient controls
  • Energy efficient lighting systems
  • Water efficiency systems
  • Insulation

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We are an experienced and professional team of solar panel specialists. Our company is currently working in line with authorised governmental policies to bring homes in the NorthWest a cleaner, more affordable form of energy.

Solar panel installation could be the best decision you ever make Click here and there are a wealth of good reasons why!.  Just two areas where they make a positive impact include that of your personal finances as well as the local and global environment.

A good solar panel system is immensely effective and after just a few days you will begin to notice an impressive difference in the amount of money you need to pay for electricity. A common objection which we often hear is that because of the frequently inclement weather here in the UK, there seems to be little point to solar panels. Happily, we can assert that this is just not true; no matter what the weather is like outside your solar panels are able to easily and efficiently produce your own electricity.

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According to the current government backed Feed In Tariff (FIT) scheme, you will get paid for all the energy your panels produce regardless of whether your household uses it or as a surplus it gets exported into the grid. This means you could potentially save thousands of pounds a year just on your energy bills alone.

The benefits of solar energy are far reaching.  Not only will you be able to save substantially on heating and electricity charges but you will also be actively participating toward a cleaner and greener environment.  It is a non-intrusive, renewable energy source which not only makes financial sense but good living sense too.

EcoEnergy are a locally based solar panel provider.  We specialise in designing systems for domestic use and our services also include the supply and installation of reliable solar panels.  As a company we base our entire service on the core values of excellent customer service, affordable pricing, trust and expert workmanship.  Why not give us a call for more information on our installation services?  We will always be happy to answer any queries you have and offer practical advice specific to your situation.

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